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Olive My Candle Subscription Box

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What’s your day like without lighting your crackling candle and the room filling with your favorite scent?

Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Candle people experience life differently.

Candles are soothing. Relaxing. Necessary.

Your favorite aromas trigger fond memories. Like running through fresh cut grass in the summer when you were 7. Or that time you strolled on the beach with your honey...it was hot...earthy sage and that salty sea air.

Candles bring a glow to your life (pun intended) and hours of dancing flames.

Don’t let the light burn out, and leave you scrambling to find any old votive candle you have in the closet.

Always keep your light glowing brightly.

Our candle subscription box delivers fresh wood wick candles in your favorite scents. You will be the first to experience the new candle scents, before they are available on the website.

All that you love about OMS Soy Wood Wick Candles, delivered every month.

Olive My Candle Subscription box comes with:
1 Wood Wick Soy candle in a unique jar
1 - 3 oz votive candle
a bottle of matches and...
a surprise item too (may be a soap, a lip balm, a bath cube or other goody.)

The Box is available to you 3 ways - the subscriptions include shipping!

Give it a try - 1 month $40

Most Popular  - 3 months $114

Best Value - 6 months $216

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