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Wildflower Candles

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Bounding through meadows of wildflowers, bunnies scampering, birds swooping and playing follow the leader...okay maybe not quite like that.

But taking a break so it “feels” like you’re running carefree through wildflowers, sans wind in your hair, can change everything.

Whether it’s been a particularly gloomy winter or just a long stressful day of work/homeschool/dinner prep/laundry/no wine in the house, wildflowers boost any mood and make drab days feel happy & bright.

Imagine a bright summery down-to-earth floral scent (with a slight hint of jasmine and sweet orange blossom) carried on a warm breeze. 

Wildflower candle with real dried wildflowers!

A burst of sweetness that quickly fades to hints of earthy green warmth that stay with you all day long.  You can almost see the bees flitting from flower to flower. 

Its calming effect leaves the room fresh and energetic with a delicious scent floating about and enchanting your nose.

We’re green and sustainable too.

Our 11 oz soy wax candle with wood wick when burned correctly (I have a How To Light Your Wood Wick Guide for you when your candles arrive) your candles will last a long time (45-50 hours) without wasting wax.

Wood wicks are clean burning and don’t add extra smoke to your room. 

And unlike cotton wicks that can burn a taller flame and use up your fragrance, wood wicks have a better scent throw because the wick burns lower and slower. 

Our scents are created with essential oils and all our fragrances are phthalate-free.

And, Did you know that our candle jars are 11 oz rocks glasses? 

Soy wax cleans up with warm soapy water & the glass can be used for your favorite beverage. Zero waste.


Ingredients: glass jar, soy wax, wood wick, and fragrance.

Made with pure soy wax, wood wicks, phthalate free fragrances.
No soot, no toxins, just a beautiful, luxurious candle.