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Giant Lip Balm

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The go anywhere Giant Moisturizing lip balm that repairs dry, chapped and cracked lips with no waxy feel.

Because lips can never be too soft.

Our lip balm is a natural alternative to unhealthy petroleum-based brands. And being able to pronounce every ingredient is important - right?

With rich shea butter, olive oil and avocado oils, you get a smooth + creamy nutrient-rich application for the softest lips ever. 

Our large 1/2 oz size is triple the size of standard lip balm.

Made from: Shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, beeswax, castor oil + essential oils.

Petroleum free and no waxy feel. Smooth + creamy application for the softest lips ever.


Customer Reviews

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Clare Thomas
Only lip balm I use!

Moisturizing and hearty, especially during dry weather. Love it!

Elaine Bartel
Giant lip balm

Best lip balm ever last a long time and works great

Buy this for everyone you love!

So grateful for Olive My Lips entering my life when I purchased it in Maine 2 years ago. Many of us in our family tend toward chapped lips, and this balm addresses symptoms immediately while helping heal the problem. And of course the non-toxic ingredients make it a no-brainer too! For example, my lips were really chapped after a cold windy week at the beach (I love to walk) and using this twice took care of a pretty significant issue. I buy it for the whole family - perfect stocking stuffers too! Thx OMS, for creating such an important tool for us!

why bother with anything else?

I was (am?) one of those lip balm junkies. But the cheap stuff, the more you use, the more you need to use. So I went from Chapstick to Carmex and sometimes used other stuff but still....the ever-present annoying need. I got one of these, then 2, then 2 more - I don't use that other stuff anymore, nor do I need lip balm at the reflexive rate I used tot. I'm about to order 8 of them!

sue castagnier

Giant Lip Balm