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Solid Soap Dish Bundle

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Solid dish soap! It works so well, smells amazing & no plastic or sketchy ingredients.

Solid dish soap?! What? Whoever had that before?

“Between your soap and that brush, dirty dishes don’t stand a chance.”

It replaces commercial detergent-based liquid dish soap

Does it cut grease?”  Yes it does cut grease!

This bundle contains 1- 8 oz solid soap dish tin, 1- 4 oz solid soap dish refill & 1-natural bristle scrub brush. 

It’s been tested on our own lotion & lip balm making equipment. Squeaky clean & no residue.

Our solid dish soap is oil-based made from *coconut/olive oil/castor and essential oils to make your dishes sparkling clean. And won’t dry out your hands. Plus it’s scented in Lemon Verbena for a sweet fresh aroma.

Use a dish brush or sponge to create lather on the soap and wash your dishes as usual. Re-lather as needed. Be sure to drain the water from the tin when finished, this will make the soap last for a long time.

Eco-Friendly, Recyclable, Septic Safe