The Sponge Challenge

Stinky, nasty, and gross smelling!

My friend Christine told me that her kitchen sponge smells gross. And that she buys a big bag of sponges at one of the big box stores because she seems to go through a sponge a week!

Because they get smelly really quickly.

And that gross smell means the dishes probably aren’t getting clean.

Then she bought Olive My Skin Solid Dish Soap.

She said she wanted to go with natural cleaning anyway and that it was such a fun soap to use for dishes.

And she noticed that she was able to use her sponges longer. (And the dishes were cleaner.)

Because they didn’t stink.

And she was able to use sponges longer. Which meant not going through as many sponges (like one a month instead of one a week.)

And saving a little bit of money because she’s not buying so many sponges.

If you’ve noticed that your sponges are getting gross using your commercial dish detergent…

This is a challenge is for you!

If you have one our dish soap try this experiment. (If you want to try this experiment and don’t have our dish can get it HERE.)

Use your old commercial dish soap for one week and see how your sponge smells.

Then, using the same sponge, try our dish soap for a week.

At the end of that week see how your sponge smells.

If you find that your sponge is sweeter smelling after using Olive My Skin Solid Dish Soap…tell me about it!

Drop me a line by replying to this email and let me know how your challenge turned out.
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