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Solid Dish Soap

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Solid dish soap! It works so well, smells amazing & no plastic or sketchy ingredients!

Just like your great-grandma’s dish soap.

Yes, that’s right! Back in the day, when soap was soap and not a mass-produced product filled with water-softening phosphates (harmful to consume) and detergents to boost bubbliness.

Olive My Skin handcrafted dish soap is made the old-fashioned way (sans lard and large kettles over an open fire) with saponified plant oils, fats, and water. 


Some of the biggest questions we’re asked are…

Why isn’t it super sudsy?

Lots of suds doesn’t = clean.

Mass-produced commercial dish detergents have foam booster “ingredients” and detergents to make a sink full of suds.

In saponification, soap molecules are created. The soap molecules go around the water molecules to form bubbles.

The stronger the soap and water molecule attraction the bigger the bubbles. 

But the size of the bubble has nothing to do with the cleaning power of the soap.

Does it cut grease?

Yes, it does cut grease.

We’ve actually used it to clean our lotion and lip balm production equipment before sanitization. The result...squeaky clean and no residue.


What about my septic system?

Not exactly a sexy thing...but facts are facts.

Handmade soaps clean and cut through the oils and gunk.

And because the ingredients are all-natural and biodegradable, they are also easy on septic systems.

Why is there a film?

A little soap film does NOT mean your dishes aren’t clean.

It has to do with the hardness of your water. 

So if you notice a little film after cleaning, just add a little white vinegar to your rinse water for that clean squeakiness.

Will it bother my sensitive skin?

I have super sensitive skin, which is why I started Olive My Skin in the first place, to make products that are gentle on my sensitive skin. 

What’s in our dish soap?

Our solid dish soap is oil-based made from olive & coconut, and scented with essential oils for a Lemon Verbena freshness to make your dishes sparkling clean.

How to use our solid dish soap.

Use a dish brush or sponge to create lather and wash your dishes as usual. Re-lather as needed. Be sure to drain the water from the tin when you are finished, this will make the soap last for a long time.

Eco-friendly - Recyclable - Septic Safe

Customer Reviews

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Sally Cohen-Allie
Awesome Products

I was so thrilled to find amazing products that don't contain coconut (allergy). My favorite is the body scrub and dish soap.

Nicolette Vallandigham

I am allergic to ingredients in most liquid soaps. This product is non irritating, has safe ingredients and cleans well without residue. Thank you!